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Hello and welcome to Succulent Growing Tips. My name is Kat and I'm the crazy plant lady. I've always loved plants and nature but my journey to growing plants for a living started years ago I have decided to move to a 5 acre property west of Sydney. 

Initially, I continued with the business that has already been established on the property and grew foliage plants for the florist industry and my little business Fern Farm Plants was born.

After a couple of years of struggling with ferns and foliage plants, I knew it won't work long term and started offering my florist customers succulent arrangements. The succulent collection and addiction has been growing for some years and it quickly became apparent that it is going to be out with the ferns and in with the succulents.

It has now been 8 years since ferns morphed into succulents and I couldn't be happier. Like many others, I'm completely sucked in and adore my many thousands of succulents. I sell them online and at the local markets.

All the growing and propagating happens at our little nursery. We have left the 5 acre property and the foliage business behind and now live on a much smaller but gorgeous plot in the Blue Mountains.

It has all been a massive learning curve and, while still discovering new knowledge, I feel I can offer advice and share my experience growing succulents and other plants.

For those of you living in Australia, our succulents can be purchased at

We also have Instagram and Facebook accounts (Succulent Growing Tips) so follow us for photos of our plants and the nursery :)

echeveria succulents
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